How to define your brand’s personality

3min Read 09th Jan 24 James Scullion

In a competitive global marketplace, it may seem impossible to distinguish your business from others. However, focusing closely on your brand personality is one way to connect with consumers and… Read More

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In a competitive global marketplace, it may seem impossible to distinguish your business from others.

However, focusing closely on your brand personality is one way to connect with consumers and make your offer stand out.

How can a brand demonstrate its personality?

For those wondering What is a brand personality?’, brand personality comprises of several elements including tone of voice, core values, beliefs and visual identity.

A brand’s personality conveys what a business represents, and so does influence how consumers feel about its identity.

First, a brand can demonstrate its personality with a unique voice and tone. This refers to the way a brand speaks to its audience. You should always use a tone of voice that reflects the nature of your business. For example, choosing the type of language it uses. This voice should be consistent and clear across the brand.

The visual aspects of a brand help to cultivate a great brand personality. This includes the logo, colour scheme, typography and overall aesthetic of the brand. As with the tone of voice, these should be consistent across the brand.

Additionally, the products and services offered by a company should accurately reflect its personality. For example, a brand that sells tech should be in sync with the latest technological developments.

Because many consumers find and interact with businesses via social media platforms, social media engagement should be considered when it comes to brand personality.

This incorporates how businesses communicate with their customers on social media as well as how they present themselves on it.

Any content published on social media or websites should be tied to your brand personality and be consistent across all touch-points.

How do you define who you are as a brand?

Those who want an answer to the query ‘What is brand personality?’ are usually unclear about how to define themselves as a brand.

To establish a recognisable brand identity, it’s important to clearly define your mission and values. This means clarifying and setting goals with regards to what you want to achieve with your business.

Additionally, it’s crucial to identify your target audience as these are the people who will be recognising your brand.

Given the sheer volume of businesses present in the world today, it’s also a challenge to stand out from the crowd.

This entails creating a unique brand identity that doesn’t closely resemble that of a competitor. Defining your brand also means promoting and marketing it correctly, whether that is through campaigns or social media.

You will also need to hone in on a unique selling point by focusing on gaps in the market and promoting how you are going to solve a potential customer’s problem.

How would you describe your brand’s identity?

A good way to see if you are properly defining your brand identity is to think about how you would describe your brand’s identity to those who have never come across your business before.

It’s worth asking yourself a range of questions, including ‘Does my brand identity correctly capture my business and the services it provides?’

If you are unable to describe your brand’s identity in a few sentences, it may be worth brainstorming keywords that can be associated with your brand before trying to promote your brand personality to the public.

How a strong brand personality can benefit your business

Having a strong brand personality is key to helping your business grow in the long term.

Not only can it solidify a place for your business in the marketplace, but it also helps to forge long-lasting relationships with your customers who will be more likely to make repeat purchases.

Moreover, as a strong brand personality creates brand loyalty, it also helps to set you up for new business ventures in the future as you will already have a solid customer base.

At Rapid Agency, we know that cultivating a strong brand personality is one of the most important things you can do for your business. This is why we are dedicated to helping you achieve a recognisable brand with a defined brand personality.

So, if you want to work with our passionate team of creatives and strategists, why not make contact today?

3mins 09th Jan 24 James Scullion