Top 5 Instagram Apps for a business: To help grow your audience in 2019 | Rapid Agency Belfast

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Top 5 Instagram Apps for a business: To help grow your audience in 2019 | Rapid Agency Belfast With over half a billion users every day, Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for… Read More

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Top 5 Instagram Apps for a business: To help grow your audience in 2019 | Rapid Agency Belfast

With over half a billion users every day, Instagram is a powerful marketing platform for business owners everywhere. 

Instagram has opened up huge opportunities for businesses to grow brand awareness and introduce products and services. 70% of Instagram users have spent time looking up a brand on the platform before purchasing their product or service. Instagram allows you to promote your brand and products in a friendly, authentic way without hard selling to your customers.

To help you enhance your Instagram account, we’ve put together our favourite Instagram-related apps that will set your business apart and drive more customers to your online store.


1).  VSCO 

Great for: Content Editing

Cost: Free

VSCO is an iOS and Android photo editing app designed for creatives, by creatives. 

Since Instagram is all about photos, make sure to incorporate VSCO into your marketing strategy. It’s a top-notch tool for taking and editing photos. This photo-editing platform will help you engage with the visual side of your marketing approach. VSCO has an in-depth editing suite, giving you endless potential for customising your photos and setting them apart from your competitors.


2) Buffer 

Great for: Content Scheduling

Cost: Free – Paid Variants Available.

Buffer is a free social media scheduling app that integrates with Instagram and a number of other popular social platforms. This app lets you automatically post single images and sends reminders so you can manually post videos and multiple image-posts. 

An added bonus is the app automatically identifies which of your posts perform well so you can optimise your feed. Buffer is available as a web, iOS and Android app.

3) Canva


Great for: Content creation
Cost: Free – Paid Variants Available.

Canva is an app that you can use to create images that stand out, whether it’s in your Instagram feed or in your stories. Canva offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media image and header templates to marketing materials, documents, presentations, and pull in a wide range of graphics to enhance your posts and get your followers’ attention. 

Canva is especially useful to create stories that stand out, and if you stick to a few consistent image formats and fonts on Canva, you can develop a brand identity and start to make sure your followers recognise your content. Canva is available for iOS and Android, and as a web.

4). Hootsuite 

Great for: Scheduling

Cost: Free

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management platforms and integrates with all the major social networks. Hootsuite allows users to automate single-image posts and sends reminders for video and multi-image posts.

A bonus feature is its bulk scheduling tool; upload a pre-formatted CSV to schedule hundreds of social media posts at once, saving hours’ worth of work. Hootsuite is available as a web app and for iOS and Android.

5) – Iconosquare

Great for: Analytics

Cost: Billed annually 

Iconosquare is an analytics platform dedicated to examining the performance of your content on Instagram.

With Iconosquare, you can track regular engagement data like followers and likes as well as get specific statistics about your followers including their location and level of social media influence. It also tracks all the basics – comments, views, likes, etc. – to give a baseline for how each individual post performs. By identifying your most influential followers, you’ll be able to discover new opportunities for influencer marketing. Iconosquare also gives you the chance to compare your performance against your competitors.

Wrapping Up

80% of Instagram users follow a business account – why shouldn’t it be yours? Make your Instagram engaging with the help of these content and performance boosting apps. As you’re maximising your Instagram presence, consider these extra tips to engage new followers:

  • Post mid-week. Instagram sees a spike in engagement during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the middle of the day.
  • Leverage the power of video. The amount of time Instagram users spend watching video has increased more than 80% every year since its launch in 2013.
  • Have some fun. Social media is the platform where your brand’s personality should shine the most. While engagement is critical, don’t forget to have a fun.


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