Rejen Architects

Reimagining, Repurposing, Regenerating.

Rejen Architects are driven by their mission to rejuvenate older buildings, providing pragmatic, innovative solutions.

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Project Overview


The team at Rejen Architects came to us in search of a brand identity for their new architecture business. Built on a foundation of sustainability, Rejen strive to take a more environmentally-friendly approach, along with a focus on training their team to be the best they can.

rejen architects new logo design by rapid agency
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Brand Identity


The brand identity for Rejen represents contemporary, environmentally responsive architecture through a clean and minimal style. Ultimately, Rejen cares about the positive impact it will have on the world, what connects them to their past and speaks to their future, and providing the best service and solutions for their clients.

Logo Design


The logo design created for Rejen Architects reflects the clean, minimalistic aesthetic, reflecting how the practice of architecture creates imaginative solutions for repurposing buildings – they always think outside the box.

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icon designed for rejen architects by rapid agency
green brochure design for rejen architects by rapid agency
sustainable future thinkers design for rejen architects by rapid agency
grey surface showing brand assets for rejen architects by rapid agency. green and grey business cards and letterheads

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