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It will be no surprise to you that at Rapid Agency, we love a new tech feature or app that really changes how we work, for the better. We feel that these game-changing and content changing apps are rarely spoken about, treated like secrets that MUST be kept. But we’re here to burst that bubble. Keep reading for the lowdown on the best tools for creating incredible social media content and just make life easier! Now, we won’t keep you waiting for much longer – here we go… 

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Best Tools For Creating Incredible Social Media Content


Let us introduce you to InShot. This is an all-in-one editing app for videos and images. You can make changes to videos and photos and create collages too! It makes something that’s often complex, super easy and we totally recommend! 


If you love Instagram stories – you need Unfold! This Stories editor and maker takes the stress out of aesthetic Instagram stories. This is a toolkit for storytellers that allows you to create beautiful and engaging stories from minimal, elegant templates.


Not to alarm you but if you aren’t using Canva, where have you been!? The ultimate content creation app that allows you all the functionality of Photoshop, without the complexity. And it’s user-friendly interface makes graphic design on Canva a total cinch! With pre-designed templates and cool graphics, you don’t have to be a designer to use Canva to its full potential. And with functional editing and animation features now added you can now make easy GIFs that are super effective on social media! 

Tile Pic

Have you ever seen brands or businesses feeds with one image that is placed together over multiple grid posts and think…. HOW? It’s super easy with Tile Pic! This app allows you to upload one image onto their “tiles” and it then splits them up so they’ll all perfectly align as seperate images that give an overall message on the grid.

Best Tools Social Media

Rapid Tip: When creating your initial photo banner, ensure it is 3240×1080 to allow the image to be perfectly proportioned on your grid! 


How do Instagram influencers have such stunning feeds that always look so aesthetic and well put together!? 

Well, the mystery is solved with this app. Preview is a planning app that lets you map out what posts look like on your Instagram feed before posting them. So this means you can test what an image looks like on your grid, before posting it for the world to see! Therefore everything is aesthetically pleasing and on brand. It’s totally free and available on the App Store. 

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