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You might find yourself asking why your business would possibly need a blog, surely blogging is just a hobby? The reality is, it’s quite the opposite. At Rapid Marketing, we… Read More

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You might find yourself asking why your business would possibly need a blog, surely blogging is just a hobby? The reality is, it’s quite the opposite. At Rapid Marketing, we believe every business should have a blog function on their website for a number of reasons.

Blogging has fast become an essential tool in establishing an online presence, standing out amongst your competitors, obtaining new leads and in the overall growth of your business! We’re going to let you know into all the blogging secrets, especially from a business perspective.

Standing out from the competition

No matter what market or sector you’re in there will most likely be competition hot on your toes. Blogs are a perfect way to explain what makes you unique and different from the rest. Blogging acts as an easy way to filter out information and market your company differently from all your competitors.


Engaging content for audience

Customers love engaging, informative content and blogs act as a perfect way to do just that, inform and engage with your audience. Whilst your blogs might focus on tips and tricks for marketing or it might give advice in styling your bathroom, customers love a business that gives them something aside from fantastic service. This also opens an active line of communication between you and your customers and building a relationship. This means you can introduce your content personally and casually rather than in a traditional marketing sense. 

Audience Awareness

Knowing your audience is a key tool in making your business and products marketable in a traditionally saturated market. If you can identify your audience, their interests and a key demographic you can work to appeal more to them. Listen to feedback, carefully decipher analytics and do your research! Better content will receive better engagement which ultimately is reflected upon more business revenue. 

Blogs are SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly key tool when looking to grow your business. Blogs can help you to increase your search engine rankings tenfold and are essential for a business looking to move forward. Blogging creates content that Google reads and then ranks accordingly. If you have a high Google ranking the more legitimate your business appears and it will keep your offering relevant and at the forefront of the competition. WHilst this isn’t a quick fix to SEO improvement, blogging over time will see you reap the benefits. 

Provide Social Media Content

Here’s one of our favourite hacks for social media. Blogs are perfect for providing content for social media posts. You can use these in so many different ways, plug it on your stories or utilise this for your weeks worth of instagram and facebook posts. Don’t forget this can be used on LinkedIn and Google My Business as the perfect way to drive more traffic to your blog and then your site. Use this technique by creating a cool graphic, pulling a quote from the blog and viola! 

These will act as tasters or an insight into the blog but also gives you a consistent social media presence that can benefit your legitimacy whilst giving genuine, informative content. 


For an insight into some of our blogs, you can visit our website or if you’re feeling even more inquisitive you can pop us a DM on Instagram!




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