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There are so many cogs in the search engine optimisation machine. Sometimes the constant drive for conversion and sales can seem more important than the copywriting. Innovative, imaginative writing can fall by the wayside. But here’s the thing; copy writing is integral to the SEO improvement process. Content is at the centre of search engine optimisation. We’ve got a few tips for copywriting to improve your SEO. Keep reading to find out. 

People come first

A copywriter uses words to charm the audience into taking action. They understand that people come first, and while the content should be easy for Google to find and bursting with keywords, it must be something that resonates with the reader. 


If your headline isn’t up to scratch, no one will read your main body of text. Trust us. Need help with this? Check out QuickSprout’s Formula for the Perfect Headline. It should be something that will grab your viewers’ attention and entice them to read more. If you’re ranking in Google’s top 10 and you’re headline is strong, it doesn’t matter where you rank within this because your content will be noticed organically. 


As obvious as this is, writing blogs packed with long tail keywords for your website will improve your SEO. Include your focus keyphrase in the headline of your article. Include it in the introduction too. Make sure it’s compelling. Would you want to read it? 

Copywriting to Improve Your SEO Rapid Agency SEO Belfast Northern Ireland

Meta Description

Do not underestimate the importance of copywriting when composing a meta description. These describe to searchers and search engines what your content is about in a clear, concise way. Keep it neat, usually under 160 characters is perfect. 


Lastly, let’s be clear about this: there is no alternative to writing great content. There’s no shortcut or way around it. Words are powerful and important. Storytelling is a power that every copywriter should have down to a T. Keeping a reader hanging on your every word is tricky, but worth it. An example of great storytelling is The Lego Movie. According to international speaker, Marcus Sheridan, Lego doesn’t sell blocks, ‘it shares possibilities.’


Leveraging your persuasive copywriting skills can be hugely beneficial to your SEO. Your copy will be the first thing that readers see and will absolutely be the reason for organic traffic as well as repeat readers. What are you waiting for? Get copywriting to improve your SEO.

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